The Hurrican

In the middle of a pandemic, we decided to ride 300+ miles on a bike.

As we pulled into the parking lot to start our journey we were greeted by someone asking if we were here to ride the “Best Mountain Bike Trails in the Southeast”.

We had just driven to … Florida.

Being from North Carolina, we were a little skeptical of this encounter. What was this guy talking about?! We had driven from a state that had famous mountain biking trails including, DuPont and Pisgah. Surely he was exaggerating… We had been driving for hours on flat swampland. Color me skeptical.

But as we unpacked, Jesse explained that there was a trail system nearby that had some, “pretty good trails”. But we had a couple hundred miles and a few days to reach it. Is this how myths are born? Maybe they were pulling my leg to keep my spirits up when the inevitable saddle sore and knee pain starts to creep in. The thought was quickly stashed in my back pocket as we checked our bags for the essentials, and ditching what wouldn’t fit back into the car that we’d hopefully be reunited within a few days.